I thought I'd use my new digital camera and record the progress of this painting.  Here it is at the end of the first session.  I started on a toned canvas and used the biggest brushes I could handle.  I've kept it plenty soft so there will be lots to do at the next session.

     My canvas was dry when I picked it up again.  Once more I went at it with large brushes, high quality paints and very little painting medium.  This is where the whole experiment broke down.  My digital camera had an automatic lens that didn't like to focus on flat surfaces.  Results were so disappointing that I gave up the idea of recording the progress.  I gave the camera to my son.  It takes nice pictures of grandchildren.

     After the usual tribulation, I finished the painting.  Under painting shows through the knife work in the background.  In the Painting Demonstrations part of my web site, I show three more paintings photographed in stages from start to finish.  If you are interested in such stuff, I suggest you go there.  I have posted this page as an afterthought and I'll remove it in a month or so.